""14th May 2013

Celtic Dragons are preparing for the Superleague Semi Final which will be held on Monday 20th May at Sport Wales National Centre, and Coach Melissa Hyndman is celebrating the achievement in itself.

"This is a landmark game," said Hyndman, "and the fact that the Dragons have made it into the top four of the Netball Superleague is electrifying."

Dragons won eight of their 13 games so far in the season, and also recorded the largest number of goals scored over all (764), and the largest margin win (42 goal margin over Loughborough Lighnting 34 – 76)

The team are far from done yet, and look in great form going into the semi final, coming off the back of a successful end to Phase 2, beating Hertfordshire Mavericks 64 – 46 last Wednesday.

"This exhilarating experience both for the team and the spectators will go down in Celtic Dragons history as one of our most important games ever." said Hyndman of the semi final, adding "the Welsh supporters are so passionate about sport and I would expect nothing less than them lifting the roof off at Sport Wales on Monday."

Dragons will play Surrey Storm, and tickets for the event can be bought here: